Secret Formula Chroma Key Paint

But before I spill those beans, I should you remind you about Digital Storytelling Week kicking off our back to school webinars.
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sparkling-apple.jpg The students and staff at Full Sail University shared an inexpensive, “secret” formula for chroma key green paint just in case you’d like to paint a wall (and maybe the floor) some place. Thanks to several Apple Distinguished Educators for sharing the recipe that I either forgot to write down or lost. I believe these tint codes are for Loews:
1145Y32 BASE 4
And yet another ADE recommended Behr S-G-430 (“Sparkling Apple”) from Home Depot.

afinewsnbeta.jpg  The American Film Institute is hard at work integrating ScreenNation into its newly revamped website. Your students can view the work of others their age and add their own. Interested? If you’re 11-19 years old, send a link to your YouTube film or video to

Paint chip picture by Ben Syverson at


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  1. Hank Caruso said:

    Behr Appelii Green works very well also. I had a wall paineted in my classroom and it worked great.

  2. Michael Gurevich said:


    Thank you for this article. Can you please tell us if we need to mix these tints, and if so, in what ratios:

    1145Y32 BASE 4

    Thank you,

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  4. Andy said:

    Just get a screen shot or sample of the real deal. Any decent paint store can match it for you. I like Ben Moore.

  5. DEAFWISH said:

    We’re going to go with the Sparkling apple paint as it seems to be getting good reviews everywhere. Thanks for posting!

  6. Barry Gordon said:

    Can I get that at Lowe’s instead of the movie theater LOEWS?

  7. Julio Astacio, Jr said:

    I tested several colors and the Sparkling Apple (Behr) works just as well as the Lowes mix when one important step is taken. The important thing is the use a base coat of primer, I used black, and making sure you light the green screen (or wall) evenly and separately from you subject, with consistent lighting.

    Good Luck!

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