The Next Generation DEN STAR

My math friends tell me regularly, “It’s all about numbers.” Add survival to that with large doses of humor (you would need that) and multiple voices and what do you have? Were this a math problem, it might look like this: 5 + 2 fer + humor + survival = _____. And the answer would be the Mezoff–Monjan Musings, a new blog by one of PA’s best friends, Matt Monjan, our state manager, and his wife Lori. Believe it or not, Big Ben, has a voice too, but it sounds a lot like Daddy’s.

It’s been years since parenting for me, so I find reverie, LOLs, and many memories that travel through the birth blog that Ben’s parents have created for him. Whether it’s Matt’s voice (he is quite a humorist) or Lori’s (where do you get the time to blog), or Big Ben, this blog is a heartfelt, joyful, and totally creative memory piece. I love the computer lessons for Baubie, Zeidie, and the Grandparents. The instructions are simple enough for even me to understand. (now, Matt, could you start teaching them something more complicated…). And the Top Ten posts are priceless. But more than anything, you feel the sense of wonder, learning, laughter, daily ebb and flow, survival skills, sleep deprivation, but most of all, love surround you in the read. Whether Pappa Bear, Mamma Bear, or Baby Bear narrates, the voices pull you into this very human story and you find yourself actually checking your Google Reader daily, waiting for another great digital storytelling session.

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  1. Matt Monjan said:

    Hi RJ,
    Thanks for all of your kind words and great write up! We’re so glad we can take people down Memory Lane. It has been an interesting adventure so far and I’m so glad that you can come along with us as we experience it!

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