Hello all WI DEN Educators!  The post below will also be delivered to you via email although Chad asked that as the WI DEN Chair I write a post on the blog.  This was the information I really had to share so…. here it is again.  As I prepared to put it also on the WI Blog, it occired to me that this was a great test for our members.  If you did not get the below message from me via email, then you may need to check which email you have for use with Discovery.  We have so many of you that filter out our communication unknowingly or simply have changed email addresses.  So, if you do not receive an email with the same information as below, let us know how we can update your information so that we are communicating better with you.    Happy reading!

Welcome !      

Meet the Leadership Council

Greetings Wisconsin DEN!  As you prepare to head back to school I hope that you will be including the Discovery Educator Network in your thoughts.  Your WI DEN Leadership Council has had a great summer of learning and planning for a fantastic year ahead.  Each month you will be receiving a newsletter to assist you in staying up-to-date with the happenings of the WI DEN.  We have new members of Leadership Council that are preparing many ways to have fun, learn and be the best educators we can be.  There are so many opportunities out there and we are planning on making them all happen.

I, Rachel Yurk, am the Wisconsin DEN Chair and would love to hear from you if you have ideas, questions or concerns.  My role is to communicate effectively between you and those at Discovery.  The Leadership Council consists of three areas, the chair, the blog team and the events team.  Our blog chair, Chad Lehman would love to hear from you!  He will be updating the blog, sharing information, posting events and handling the ideas that will keep the WI DEN strong and active. Also on his team is Jackie Shanti.  I expect you will be hearing great things from them in the 2009 – 2010 school year.  Our events team has been charged with filling up the calendars with exciting opportunities to learn, have fun, and grow as educators.  We are fortunate to have a dynamic duo heading this team, Rita Mortenson and Keith Schroeder.  Their fantastic team includes people from all over the state, allowing us to be able to provide events in great locations.  On the events team we have Malena Koplin, Wendy Liska, Den Donley and Toni Heinowski.  Please feel free to contact any of us if you have ideas questions or concerns.  I would be happy to forward emails along to the correct person as needed.  Now on to the fun things!


Wisconsin DEN at Miller Park

Friday’s Front Row ~ August 21 2:30 – 5:00 PM

Join the Wisconsin DEN at Friday’s Front Row at the TGI Friday’s inside Miller Park and learn about all the great opportunities the Discovery Educator Network has to offer you in the 2009-2010 school year! Enjoy the great atmosphere of Miller Park home to the fabulous Milwaukee Brewers, see presentations from fellow DEN members, learn more about Discovery Education, have fun meeting the DEN community and enjoy a sneak peek at all the great things going on in the WI DEN and the Midwest this fall. Register on the WI DEN Blog.  RSVP to the event by completing this RSVP form!


DEN Summer School Webinar Series!      

If you have not already checked it out, there is a fantastic opportunity to hop into learning with the DAEN Summer School Webinar Series.  Discovery has planned the entore month of August with free webinars on all the best topics. 

Digital Storytelling week – August 3-6

Leadership Week – August 10–13

Science Week  – August 17-20

Web 2.0 Week  – August 24-27

Tell a colleague, invite your principal and join us for Summer School with the DEN.  Enroll today at: http://community.discoveryeducation.com/webinar.

All sessions begin at 11 AM ET.


Keep Your STAR Status!

Don’t want to loose one precious Wisconsin STAR!

Keep Your STAR Status
In order to maintain your STAR status, you must report at least two of your events for the 2008-2009 school year by August 31, 2009.

What is an Event?  An event is any time you share the power of Discovery with 3 or more colleagues.  Share an integration idea over lunch with your grade-level team.  Demonstrate to your peers how you use a Virtual Lab in DE Science.  The list is endless.

Log in to the DEN website and you’ll see “Report Event”  If you are not sure of how many events you’ve reported send an inquiry to den_events@discovery.com.

Direct link to the event report page: https://den.dabbledb.com/page/denactive/pAZRbWIy


Save These Dates!

WI Miller Park Event – August 21, 2009 REGISTER NOW!!!!
DEN streamathon – September 23, 2009
Fall Virtual Conference – October 24, 2009

Respond to this email or post to the blog with any questions!

Rachel Yurk

WI DEN LC- Chair


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One Comment;

  1. Harry Keller said:

    “Demonstrate to your peers how you use a Virtual Lab in DE Science.”

    In principle, there’s nothing wrong with virtual labs (the simulated kind) unless they’re being used to replace labs that use real data from the real world. Just as videos and demonstrations can help improve science literacy, so can simulated labs. Be sure to let students know that what they’re doing is all made up and not real.

    Really learning science requires interaction with data from the “material world,” to use a phrase from “America’s Lab Report.” In this report, the National Research Council made very clear that simulations (most virtual labs) are not science laboratory experiences.

    Prerecorded real experiments meet the definition and goals of “America’s Lsb Report” and are the only virtual lab technology that does. Do your students a favor, and let them have real science laboratory experiences. Real science is so much better than science that comes from a programmer’s pencil. Discovery in science is great; make sure it’s real.

    I’ve written extensively about this issue on my blog at smartscience.blogspot.com.

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