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First there was the Australian Adventure, followed by the South African Experience. Today, the China Adventure begins, with 6 blog posts from team leaders prior to the trip’s official launch. All the students participating have already entered multiple posts as well. Having strong DEN connections to the team leaders of the first two trips made following them a delight but a bit difficult because of timing. That end-of-year-syndrome kept me busier than usual, and I did not do justice to the first two trips. And quite honestly, I was still learning the ropes of blogging for PA DEN. With the gift of summer time, I hope to keep track of the China trek team of Rita Mortensen (five-star video maker), Heather Sullivan (NJ’s blog coordinator and my tech mentor; I used to think her name was Hesulli), Brett Harvey (CA DEN’s blog coordinator), and PA’s own Adam Controy, DENNI’s surprise winner for this trip. Is he one happy lucky guy. His last post confirmed he is really going to China, now that his BlackBerry arrived (with his Visa).

Of the original 9 DEN STARS selected to discover the undiscovered in a trip of a lifetime, Heather Sullivan was our only East Coast representative. Now Adam brings the total to 2, and I have to tell you, being an East Coast (and PA) gal, I feel a special affinity to this trip. Having admitted my bias, I totally encourage you to follow their adventures at

When we were in Silver Spring, MD at Discovery Headquarters for the LC Symposium, participants of the two earlier Discovery Student Adventures spoke. Karen Wells really touched me with her comments. She said you really want to fundraise and somehow get your students on these trips, because there is nothing finer out there. Then she spoke movingly about how each morning students woke to check their blogs to see if anyone had responded to them. I felt so guilty, because I had not. I’m fixing that this time, and just want to remind you that the student on this trip who has the most blog responses receives a prize from Discovery. Let’s make a concerted effort to close our summer by following this team as they discover the undiscovered in China. Are you ready for the adventure?

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