One Stop Shopping for DEN Presentations

No one creates and provides a better PLN, better professional development, or better resources than the Discovery Educator Network. The problem is often finding them, because there is such a WEALTH and variety of information, housed in so many different places. Some sites defy aggregating, because each post is a resource itself. Those blogs are Steve Dembo’s Digital Passports and Hall Davidson’s Media Matters. If you are looking for something from these guys, you will just have to use the search box on their sidebars.

For the rest of DEN manager blogs, there’s good news. Each has listed a place where you can find their presentations, and that’s good news indeed. The PA DEN Blog has aggregated these presentation resources, all in one spot.

The VA DEN Blog has a page for its Day of Discovery, so we included its link as well. Similarly, the KS DEN Blog has a forthcoming Tutorial Videos page, and PA is following Dean Mantz‘s lead and creating one as well (thank you, Meg for the 4 Jings, also forthcoming).

As we continue to build resources as a learning community, the PA DEN Blog will continue to aggregate resources under Presentations on our left sidebar. Keep watching for more developments from the DEN community.

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