Diving with the sharks is back!

sharks.jpgIt is time once again for the Discovery Channel Shark Week (August 2-8), and we are celebrating it in grand style! Yes, the very popular shark dive that took place last year is coming back even bigger and better on PADI’s new, larger sim called Dive World. Join us for the excitement as we dive through the fantastic ocean ecosystem PADI has created and learn more about the ocean environment.

Wednesday, August 5, at 5:00 p.m. SLT, there will be an orientation session to assist those who have never dived before. You will learn how to wear a dive suit and swim effectively. We’ll start at 2DP and give you landmarks to the session.

In order to attend the dive on Saturday, you will need to sign up. Registration is limited to the first 60, so be sure to get your registration in early. We will accumulate a wait list, also, so if you aren’t one of the first 60, you might still be able to attend. To register, visit the Dive wiki.


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