Discovery Student Adventures: Follow Our STARs in China


Four STAR Discovery Educators are now in China representing the DEN in our third Discovery Student Adventures pilot trip for the summer.  Brett Harvey, Rita Mortenson and Heather Sullivan and their students are experiencing the trip of a lifetime right now!  Plus, at the DEN National Institute we had the incredible pleasure of inviting one more STAR to take the journey – Adam Controy.

Follow Adam, Brett, Rita and Heather as they explore China.  I encourage you to post comments to their blog and check out the tweets from now through August 15.

For information on how you can take your students on one of these amazing trips in 2010, check out:


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  1. Tonya Wilson- NJ DEN LC Events Team said:

    Thanks, Lance! I have enjoyed following the DEN Stars & the students.I figured that I would have my 7 yr old son learn a little about blogging as I follow the adventure. He is enjoying hearing about the different activities the students are participating in.

  2. Henry C. Williams said:

    Glad to see a DEN Team in our home province of Henan, China. Our family has lived and worked in China since 2002, we currently live in the Provincial Capital, Zhengzhou.

    As new subscribers we were so happy to find your team so close to our home. We are sorry but the blog site is currently blocked in our area of China. We can use the web site ok but most blogs in Cina are currently blocked.

    We know you had a great time at the Shaolin Temple near DongFeng, a real marvel of this area which is considered one of the ancient birthplaces of Chinese civilization.

    We hope you post some of your adventures on the main website so those of us in China can read about your experience.

    Wishing you te best,
    Clay, Pam & Xiaoqing

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