FireWire 400 to 800

Some of you Mac users may find yourself FireWireless this fall when your new computers arrive. And some may find themselves with the “wrong” connectors. While I can’t do anything to help if your new computer has no FireWire at all, I can offer a couple of solutions if all you have to do is switch from the newer Firewire 800 to the “classic” FireWire 400. One of my favorite vendors offers a variety of reasonably priced cable solutions at


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  1. Elementary Math Games said:

    Hi Joe,

    I just received a new Macbook and learned that it had no Firewire. I read online that it was a spacing issue. I use Firewire all the time so it is a little disconcerting. My understanding is that Apple thinks many people are using USB camcorders. So I guess the workaround would be to get a USB camcorder. My workaround is loading the video into my old Macbook and then transferring the digital footage.

    Thank you for covering this topic!

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