Day of Discovery Event (for your administrators!) August 28


It was exciting to meet so many of you at the Day of Discovery event at Cartwright last February. The feedback we received was phenomenal and it was a truly engaging event made even better by a group of enthusiastic educators.

A similar event, but this time geared for administrators, is happening on Friday, Aug 28th at ASU’s SkySong and we are writing to ask for your help in getting the word out.  You are the “face” of DE in Arizona and perhaps you told your administrator about the value of your experience at Day of Discovery.  

Please personally invite your school administrator to the Day of Discovery for Administrators presentation, “Discover the Undiscovered:  Administrator’s Pathways.”

On August 28th, from 9:00am – 3:30pm, members of the DEN LC and the DE Team including Phillipe Cousteau and Hall Davidson will be revealing the new DEstreaming and administrator resources to your superintendents, principals and curriculum directors.  They will be introduced to the new face and functionality of the Discovery environment (that you have learned about in the DEN Back to School webinars).

You may print out the attached flier for your administrative team. A personal invitation or conversation is even better.  Please note that the registration link is at the bottom of the attached flier. Admin_flier

A sampling of the presentations include:

·        Web 2.0 for Administrators

·        DE is Pretty Suite!

·        Beyond the Stream

·        A, B, Cs (and D) of Professional Development (how IDEAL, ADE, and Discovery Education will support teachers during the year)

Please don’t let them miss this event – our usage statistics enable us to renew DE for AZ educators and we’d like to keep this valuable resource for our classrooms.

Thanks for all you do for the DEN,

Vicki Schmitt for the AZ DEN LC

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  1. darcy said:

    My brand new principal is interested, but for sure another admin person from my school is coming.
    We’ve finally got tech-interested people on admin staff!

  2. Victoria Schmitt said:

    Thanks for the news -please let me know if he needs any help registering. Also, please pass the flier via e-mail to your friends at other schools. Darcy, I know you have LOADS of friends! Thank you, Vicki

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