It's That Time of Year

New Teacher Survival Central

Yes, August rolls around and we are starting to think about the return back to school.  While some of those returning thoughts range from “I can’t wait” to “Noooooo!!!” we all know the time will eventually come whether we like it or not.  The return of school marks a new beginning for many teachers.  Time to meet your new group of students, time to work with new colleagues who have joined your school, and time to try out some of the new stuff you’ve learned over the summer.  It’s an exciting time and a busy time.

If you’re looking for a few resources to help you get ready for the upcoming year, checking out New Teacher Survival Central, part of Discovery Education.  This site can provide new and not-new teachers with helpful tips and ideas for getting back into the swing of things as another school year begins. I particularly like the Survival Tool Kit.  There are tons of resources for you to read through and take a peek at.  It’s well worth the time!


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