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Because I have the gift of time this summer, I chose to follow the Discovery Student Adventures Travel in China. This post focuses on the teachers on the trip who are posting to the DSA China blog. I realize that sifting through the many posts begs time when most of us are either in school or moving closer to re-entry, so I thought I would try to give you a thumbnail sketch of how some teachers are ending their summer vacation. I have another post about the students forthcoming as well, but more on that later.

Brett Harvey:

  • Ready for Adventure: The first of the teacher team to post, Brett followed the Australia and South Africa trips, and is excited about traveling with 4 great students to China.
  • Selecting Students: a difficult process but Brett decided to have some fun informing the 4 finalists. Check out his CV China video.
  • Beijing, China: moments of joy watching students during Tai-chi.
  • Common Language: dragon boat races, badminton, table tennis, frisbee, and basketball–the international language.
  • Photos: image upload issues resolved; you can find teachers’ and students’ photos by clicking on the Photos tab in the main blog menu or go to:
  • Kung Fu Fighting: a video posted by the Discovery Student Adventures Travel team.
  • Kung Fu Children: Brett asks if these children are happy and if the beauty of this land and its people will remain a mystery. (insightful must read)

Rita Mortenson:

  • An Adventure of a Lifetime: the photo says it all.
  • Discovery’s Top Chefs: Chinese market photo, shopping before private lessons with Beijing’s master chef.
  • Landing in the Bird’s Nest: 2 Olympic venues, the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube, amazing architectural structures. Rita says these two structures must be seen to be appreciated; the beauty of the structures awe the viewer.
  • Discovery Student Adventurers by Day, Bloggers by Night: I must admit that this photo and post by Rita really brought home to me how busy a student’s (and teacher’s) day really is. At the end of a 10K hike, these students return, exhausted, and post photos, posts, and tweets to their blogs. Sometimes they upload videos, but you just have to admire and respect these students for sharing their experiences with us and the world. Xiu xiu.
  • Rocks, Scissors, Paper: from hiking the Great Wall to Chengde to learn about the art of paper cutting.
  • Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!: (can’t get the song out of my head) a unique experience and an incredible workout. Private tutoring with the Kung Fu masters at The Small Dragon School of Martial Arts, where students from ages 5-25 study kung fu for 6 hours a day, and then have school (sounds like a 12-hour day to me).
  • The Price Is Right: shopping in Luoyang-Dengfeng, where hand gestures in bargaining prove we share much in common in both cultures.
  • A Spectacular View from the Pagoda Forest: a breath-taking view of 250 pagodas, near Shaolin Temple.

Heather Sullivan:

Adam Controy:

Turbo Tagger


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