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This is my favorite Back-to-School TV commercial. Disclaimer: I do not work for, nor do I receive any compensation from the Staples company or its subsidiaries, unless you can count the sales taxes collected from their stores in our state. It just made me laugh and with all the financial turmoil in our schools, humor might prove to be the best tool.

LEARN NC Curriculum Database

Time is money. While struggling with which grade level, teaches a particular topic, I have rediscovered this little trick: The NCSCOS Curriculum Matrix.  One example I will share is while reading articles from my RSS feedreader this morning, I ran across a learning activity featuring the Cold War. Instead of just forwarding it as SPAM to all the social studies teachers I wanted to try to send it those teaching the Cold War.

I clicked on my bookmark for the NC Standard Course of Study & Aligned Resources page (note hyperlinked image). I used the Find It! feature to search for the phrase “Cold War”. Placing the quotes around the two words focused the search in the database and only pulled up the exact objectives containing the words Cold and War. Without the quotations, dozens of objectives with war appear. This search told me that Cold War is taught in 9th grade, not middle school.

I am sure this is not a perfect way to correlate the standards with instructional material, but it sure helps, and it is free.


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