The Price Is Right

Guest blogger Rita Mortensen‘s repost from her Discovery Student Adventures China blog. Mortensen is posting from Luoyang-Dengfeng.

We have had such a wonderful experience and have seen so many breath taking and historical sights over the past ten days, however I will have to admit that interacting with the local merchants has been a really fun and interesting experience for me and the students. We are currently staying at this cute little local inn located in Luoyang-Dengfeng which consists of refurbished farm houses near the Shaolin Temple. Each day we walk by a few local merchants on our way to our day’s activities, and we have an opportunity to purchase some local goods. Although we do not speak the same language, we have no problem communicating about the price of the goods. Hand gestures, facial expressions and body movements all play a major roll as we both agree on the “right price”. It is these simple acts that make me realize and appreciate the fact that we might come from two different continents and speak different languages, but apart from that, we really share many similarities at heart!

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Posted by Ms. Mortenson at 8:27 PM

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