Back to School in Houston

When most teachers have to start thinking about letting go of their summer and start preparing for the fall, they do so reluctantly.  Not in Fort Bend and Houston ISDs!  Over the last two days, I had the pleasure of sharing the good news about the new features of Discovery Education streaming with over 200 educators.  We covered a lot of ground and shared a lot of ideas, and to follow through on my promise, here are the presentations and handouts for the strategies that I shared with you.  Be sure to visit the professional section of Discovery Edcuation streaming as well as the Discovery Educator Network for more ways that you can engage your students with digital media.

Beyond the stream

Embedding videos in Microsoft PowerPoint

50 Ways to Integrate Discovery Education streaming

Creating your own movies with Windows Movie Maker

Using Adobe Premier Elements and Photoshop


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  1. Betsy said:

    Well, found the beyond the stream (saves under different name)

    Where is that web 2.0 tool you mentioned in LC call?

  2. Elizabeth said:

    I attended the workshop at Minute Maid Park in Houston a few weeks ago which was fun and informative. I’m glad to have found your blog–thanks for posting these great resources.

  3. Glenn Deering said:

    I attended one of your sessions for librarians with Houston ISD. Very helpful and informative. Thanks.

  4. Debbie Hall said:

    Thanks Justin for providing the training opportunities at Minute Maid Park and also at our in-service on August 18th. I have heard many positive comments about the offerings on both days. You are a great trainer and a wonderful photographer. Too bad the Astros did not show us their stuff but it was fun anyway.

  5. Betsy said:

    Have you got a ppt handy that focuses JUST on DEN? Kayla wants us to do that so we don’t overlap her presentation.

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