Girls Like Love Songs, Guys Like Rock!

OK- you might be wondering what’s up with the title of this post…

My son freaked out this morning when I was blasting Spandaeu Ballet in the car (yes, I LOVE the 80’s 🙂 ). He begged me to change the channel, and when I asked him why, he said it was because “Boys don’t listen to love songs. Girls like love songs and guys like rock!”

I laughed inside so hard that I just couldn’t resist sharing this ‘Connorism’ with you- and this post is about a music video so it’s not really that much of a stretch…

It’s been three days since I got back from our amazing journey in China. I’ve consistently been waking up at 4 am each morning, but hopefully that will pass, and even if it doesn’t, I guess it’s just good practice for school starting, right?

A lot of people who followed our adventure have been asking me about the penguin that kept showing up in many of my pictures.  Well, that’s ‘Pengi’, my son’s favorite stuffed animal.  Before I left for China, I asked my son to pick out a travel companion for me- someone who would keep me company and could report back to Connor (my son) about all of our amazing adventures.  He chose ‘Pengi’.  It really helped both of us.  Pengi kept me from getting homesick and, because I posted all of my ‘Pengi’ pictures in real time on Twitpic, Connor said he felt like he was part of my trip and didn’t mind as much my being away for so long.

As soon as I got home, Connor and I used Animoto to make a music video of Pengi’s adventures . I can’t say enough, or get enough of this amazing and EASY web 2.0 tool! Not only is it easy enough for us “old folks” to use, it’s also perfect for little kids. My son made his first Animoto music video in Kindergarten, and the two of us working together on the China project gave us the chance to connect about my trip and made my son feel a part of it.

They also have an education account which is wonderful because it allows you to manage classes and easily help students with their work by logging in to their content.

If you haven’t tried Animoto yet, DO IT TODAY!

Hope you enjoy this little recap of our adventure in China.  I hope it gets you exited to pack your own curiosity and go!

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