New STARS, New Event, New Year!

Welcome back to school everyone! This is starting to look like one of the more exciting years yet with the Texas DEN. Please keep coming back to the blog this year as we will be keeping it more current throughout the year with the help of several Leadership Council Bloggers. Stay with us as we share new resources, DEN news, and event announcements.

Please welcome new Texas DEN STARS that have joined during this summer. Give a big TX DEN Howdy to: Senyda Elizondo (Pharr), Ana Centeno (Glenn Heights), Pam Donze (Flower Mound), Angela Conrad (Kingwood), Linda Cross (Tuscola), and Sylvia Basaldu (Corpus Christi).

New Event: Texas DEN Photo Walk 2009
The TX DEN Leadership Council is organizing a great opportunity for the amateur and dangerously talented teacher photographers in the state. On September 12th, several cities will have small groups of teachers enjoy a Photo Walk, where the group will travel together taking pictures that support the day’s theme. Each city will gather afterwards for lunch and select their three favorite photos of the morning with each winner getting a prize that day.  For more fun, each site will upload their top three photos for a state-wide contest with bigger prizes for the top three photos.

The event is free and open to all in the Texas DEN. Come back soon for more registration details, but keep the morning of the September 12th open!
Happy New (Academic) Year!
From all of us on the Texas Leadership Council, we hope you have a fantastic and successful year.


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