5 on the Fly

Can you name 5 tips that you use daily? Have you ever shared them with anyone, of course you did. We all have little treasures of tips that become our daily habit so here is your chance to share some. Add your 5 tips in the comments to share with the rest of the community. Here are 5 of mine:

  1. Dateline – I just discovered this in May 2009, but it is something I use many times a day. It is a transparent linear calendar. It does not keep appointment, or have an alarm. It is just a simple calendar that floats above your applications.
  2. Keep your bookmarks – I use delicious.com but there are many different FREE online services. I bookmark anything I think I may use, or can recommend to others.
  3. FREE music? -stop in any Starbucks and pick up the card for the”Pick of the Week”. No purchase is necessary.
  4. Photo Sharing – It is so easy to share photos online for FREE. Why not set up an account for your classroom to share only with your parents. Try  Picasa.com  flickr.com shutterfly.com or many others.
  5. Resize ‘Em All – sorry this is a Mac app. You can resize any photo to a smaller size without losing quality. This is currently a FREE application, but might disappear soon. I hear it was purchased by a big computer company.

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