Flash Video with External Mic

zi8_raspberry.jpgAt the beginning of the summer I promised a good comparison between what I think the two front running video flash memory cameras for education are. Almost exactly two months ago, I shared some general thoughts about the Flip line and Kodak’s Zi6. Nothing’s changed in that time; I still like them both. While you can import both camera’s video files easily into Mac programs, MovieMaker will only take the Flip’s files without conversion. However, the only higher level PC video editing software I use, Adobe Premiere Elements, accepts the Kodak’s files effortlessly, but needs the Flip’s converted first. Go figure!

wdwcarousel.jpeg In a completely unscientific comparison test this summer, we used both cameras on our trip with the grandbabies to Disney World. I preferred the Zi6 but my Flip Ultra isn’t an HD model so that’s apples and oranges. Still, both cameras’ videos turned out just fine on the DVD I put together. Now here’s the newest wrinkle. On Tony Vincent’s blog today I see that Kodak’s next generation, the Zi8, will have the ability to take an external microphone and still come in under $200 (but you’ll need an SDHC card). Now that’s a dealmaker!


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  1. Robyn Wolfe said:

    I looked closely at the two you recommended above for our digital storytelling class, but in the end I decided on the Sanyo Xacti VPC-E2 Digital Camcorder. It’s only $168 from Amazon.com and it RECORDS UNDER WATER!

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