Meet our Leadership Chair


Donna Criswell holds the position of Curriculum Specialist for Technology for the Sudbury, MA K-8 Public School District. Training teachers, students, administrators and parents in the integration of technology into the  curriculum has been her passion for over 23 years. With an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Masters in Educational Technology, Donna has supported technology in grades K-12.    Teaching workshops, graduate courses, modeling in the classroom, writing curriculum  and providing resources that help teachers make curriculum connections is what she does!

She has presented at the 2002, 2006, 2008 Annual MASSCUE Conferences, the Activ08 Boston User’s Conference, July 2008, the US Education Summit, July 2008, the MA Superintendent’s Technology Leadership Conference, October, 2008, and the MassCUE Technology Leadership Symposium, March 2009.  Donna teaches both face-to-face and online graduate courses (including DEStreaming) for a variety of institutions.  In support of Discovery’s amazing products, Donna hosted a Massachusetts Day of Discovery in 2006 as well as an event titled “An Evening of ActivDiscovery” in May of 2008 that brought together the power of interactive whiteboard technology and DEStreaming.  She co-presented at the Day of Discovery PreConference at MassCUE in November 2008, attended the first annual Discovery Leadership Conference in July of 2006 and most recently the DEN Leadership Council Symposium in July 2009.  

“Discovery Streaming has reinvigorated my love for technology in the classroom. The ability to use clips in a variety of ways (teacher directed, shared via quizzes and assignments, distributed through our network, or embedded in tool-based applications) that are focused on a specific content is powerful. I am a firm believer in the constructivist approach to learning and what better way to do that than with multimedia and technology? This resource offers students (and adults) a motivating way to gain content knowledge and acquire deeper understanding. It is also a valuable resource to bolster teacher’s content knowledge as well. I am constantly amazed at the ever growing resources this service contains, and it’s dedication to teachers first!”




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