Teacher Day at Staples

Today, August 22, 2009 was teacher day at Staples in Kennett Square, PA. Meg Basilio and Robin Martin set up a DiscoveryEducation table along with several other vendors to showcase the DEN. I was baffled by how many teachers did NOT even know about DiscoveryEducation Streaming! The most common teacher that visited with us today was mathematics. Many have used DES and had wonderful things to say about the tools that they used. We suggested they look at songs, clip-art, lesson plans, the blogs and how to become a STAR educator.

Thanks to Matt Monjan we had some things to raffle off and some goodies I found at school to give a way. There were over 50 visitors to our table and we collected their names and email for the raffle, but really we will use it to send them notifications of DEN events in the area.

I learned a lot about the schools in our county and how the school block or do not block certain websites. I was shocked to learn that a neighboring school district blocks Google and Wikispaces. But that is not all. The teachers MUST lock up their projectors at the end of every class because there is a terrible problem with theft. It made me appreciate my district much more.

All in all it was a good day. I took along the stand up astronaut that I won at the DEN LC Symposium this summer and many people stopped to take their child’s picture with a cell phone. That was a big hit! So now I have 50 addresses to contact for a local show and tell of DiscvoeryEducation. It is a start for Chester County.


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  1. E Bujak said:

    I am a math teacher and it is amazing when I go to teacher events such as summer workshops, weekend seminars, etc. and listen to some teacher talk about what they can do in their class. I sometimes have to remind them that all schools do not have an interactive “white” board, nor a projector, nor a computer, nor an overhead projector, nor a test tube for their chemistry lab, nor an earth worm for their biology lab, … Education in America is very diverse and we should stop pretending and assuming it is.

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