Freaky News about Your Brain

I am constantly amazed by how little is known about the way our brain works, but I am equally impressed by how much we are learning every day.  Just today I was reading an article that that talks about brain research around why people walk in circles when they are lost, why some people (myself included) cannot seem to hold a tune, as well as interesting information about our sense of smell.  I immediately started wondering what resources we have in Discovery Education Science to help explain how the brain works to our students.  For our elementary students I found a couple of exciting explorations called Nerves and Nervous System that will help your students learn the importance of different parts of the brain.  For our middle school students we have The Brain and Your Nervous System and Listen Up which take a closer look at the role the brain plays in our everyday lives.  With how much we continue to learn with today’s technological advances I can only imagine what we will learn in the future as technology continues to improve, but that is only we have future neuroscientist that will continue the work of neuroscientist today.  If you are interested in the original article that got “my brain” thinking you can find it here.  Have fun helping your students use their brain to explore the same.


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