Google Earth Alert! Macs Beware!

de-ap-screen.JPGIgoogleearth-logo.pngf you are on a Mac at school and you are considering using the latest upgrade to Google Earth–think again.  If you have been using the great  Jing trick (previous posts) to have your students reporting from anywhere in the world, the embedded code won’t work in Google Earth version 5.0.11733.9347 (May 5, 2009).  Really a drag if you have pre-set some nice world tours, state capital tours, ancestry tours, etc., for your students.  Don’t know why this broke–but I’m checking with Google folks.  I’m guessing a momentary glitch as they drive to move the Mac up to version 5.

THE FIX.  Delete the older version from your Applications folder. Don’t forget to earth-in-doc.pngdrag off the Google Earth icon from your doc, if you have it there. Go to where you can download the older (great) version 4.  When you click on “Download Google Earth 5” you’ll be taken to the download page where you’ll see at the bottom the option to download 4).  Install it and the video files will all work again. Your new Placemarks and work will still be there.  Note:  If there are features that you want in GE5, create a folder called “Googledownload-old.png Earth 5″ in your Applications folder.  Redownload GE5 and drag it into the folder.  Quit GE4 and then click on 5.

When Google Earth is running, click About Google Earth in the top menu on the left.  The box will show you the version.  I had to do this a couple of times to make sure I was running 4.

I hope this helps!  And if you haven’t tried this, do!  Takes a little practice, but you’ll master it (right, Tracy B and Adam and the Penn DEN!).

de-ap-logo.JPGOn a happier note:  The Discovery App for the iPhone was number 1 last week.  Pretty cool, and an amazing app!  Check it out at the Apple Apps store (you need an iPhone or iTouch).  Have an idea for a Discovery Education app you think parents, kids, or teachers might like?  Let me know! Leave a comment or email me at 


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  1. Rachel Yurk said:

    Hey Hall,
    How about some of the great games that were a part of Cosmeo pushed out as a Discovery Education for Kids App?
    I know my kids would love that!

  2. Jon Corippo said:

    Great work Hall. Mac users note that screen recording (alá Jing) is built in to Snow Leopard’s Quicktime X. We also just ordered 5 x 7 green screens for EVERY classroom from, only $59 each.
    We’ll be able to green screen in Spanish, Math, English, not just media production.

  3. Traci B said:

    Great post!! Glad you figured out this glitch… I’ll be sure to pass this link on to Adam too!!
    🙂 Trace

  4. Cathy Webb said:

    Thanks, Hall!
    Just passed this along to our tech support team as we are a MAC school and teachers report today! Timely …

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