Annual DEN streamathon

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Join us on Wednesday, September 23, 2009
for a day’s worth of DE streaming!

Click here to register for the DEN’s Annual streamathon.


All times Eastern

9 AM
Back to School Changes in DE streaming          

10 AM
A Day in the Life with DE streaming         

11 AM
Streaming the Solution: DE streaming in the Math Classroom

12 PM
Supporting 21st Century Literacy with DE streaming     

1 PM
Back to School Changes in DE streaming        

2 PM
Dialing in the Digital Compass: DE streaming with Social Studies

3 PM
Multimedia Einsteins: DE streaming with Science

4 PM
Homework Gone Digital

5 PM
A Day in the Life with DE streaming

6 PM
Back to School Changes in DE streaming         

7 PM
Crunching the Numbers – Using the DE Admin Tools to Show Your Success

8 PM
The Discovery Educator Network 2009-2010

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  1. Tammie Pogue said:

    It seems odd to do this on a school day! Most educators will not be able to participate. Why not a Saturday?

  2. Lance Rougeux said:

    We host our virtual conferences on Saturdays. The streamathon has always been during the week and since it goes for 12 hours we get a lot of folks dropping by during prep/lunch and then of course in the evening.

  3. Deb Dyer said:

    Will it be possible to catch any of these at another time? I’d love to check out DE Streaming in the Math Classroom, but I’m teaching at that time.

  4. Anna Rotenberg said:

    Too bad it’s during the day. It is almost impossible to participate and teach at the same time, or in the same day.

    Ever thought of offering streaming seminars as formal Professional Development in collaboration with of school districts, so substitute teachers can arranged?

  5. Julie said:

    Are these going to be available to teachers who are working during the day? I have several interested in the 1pm class.

  6. jeff said:

    Are these videos going to be published on United Streaming? Really want to see the literacy one, but am not available at that time.

  7. Yolanda said:

    We’re having a school-wide PD in Oct. We’d love to have these sessions available for our teachers. Please advise.

  8. Cathy said:

    I am hoping that many of this year’s Streamathon sessions will be available as archived presentations as has been done in the past. Thanks for offering great topics for users of DE Streaming content.

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