Digital By the Numbers

Did you know that 54% of 8-12 year olds will have cell phones by 2012? That is only 3 short years away! Over 148 million households will own video game consoles with Internet connections by 2012. In addition, 20 million Wii units have been sold worldwide in just 31 months and 300 million colleges and universities worldwide use Second Life to teach classes or conduct research. These facts are included in the article “Wired Up: Tunes Out” from Scholastic Administrator; August 2009 issue. You can find this and more at  Be sure to read about how DEN Star Peggy Sheehy describes technology students at her school in Suffern, NY and the challenge of educating media savvy students.The article also mentions Vicki Davis, PA’s own Jim Gates, Allison Needham, and their opinions about today’s educational style for students.

Statistics say today’s student spends 6.5 hours a day in their “media activity” surfing online, playing video games, and creating or reading online content. The Pew American Life Project states that 93% of kids ages 12-17 go online. That is not so surprising nor is the 55% who use social networking sites. The shift for kids is from memorizing information to creating and consuming information that is interesting or relevant to them. So what are you, a web consumer or creator? Maybe a little of both most days.

Information from: Scholastic Administrator; August 2009. p52


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