How to be a Scientist?

As we return back to school our county mandates that we spend 8 days teaching the students how to be a scientist. The first two days I conducted my own experiments and the kids really enjoyed the activities.  On the following day, I decided to use the textbook and see how the students responded.  It turns out that the textbook actually put two kids to sleep!  Granted it was the end of the day and everyone was very tired but it was the first time I remember a student falling asleep on the book and the page sticking to his face! I knew an intervention was needed and I turned to Discovery Science for help.  The first thing I found were two songs about the Scientific Method.  The students thought the first song was hilarious and the second song had everyone dancing and moving.  One student even made a sign to go with the song “Science Rocks”.  We had such a great time and everyone started to understand the steps of the scientific method.  I highly recommend checking out the song library if you are stuck for a catchy way to teach students about the scientific method.  My two favorite songs are Teacher and the Rockbots: Scientific Method and Music Makes It Memorable: Scientific Method. DE Science also has great lessons and units that are engaging and full of experiments for teaching students the scientific method.  Enjoy and have a great week!


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  1. Cheryl Watford said:

    Singing songs with science processes is an awesome way to ingrain them!! When I taught middle school science, I used songs and hand motions for photosynthesis and transpiration. Meiosis and Mitosis is another!!

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