Tucson's Discover the Undiscovered: AZ Administrator's Pathways – Day of Discovery

Big thanks to IDEAL & Dept of Ed, Discovery, CCS Presentation Systems, Polycom,  Lindsay Hopkins (Discovery Rep), and all the many who helped coordinate and get this event happening.

The Tucson event was hosted by the generous people of CCS Presentation Systems, who not only had a LifeSize screen to show the morning speakers, but allowed us to use four SMARTBoards for our afternoon digital storytelling project.  We had 35 administrators and lead teachers attend the event and leave very excited about getting their staff to maximize all the Discovery and IDEAL resources.  Their enthusiasm has the phone ringing off the hook and email inboxes chiming in AZ technology integration specialist offices.

For the morning, we used donated PolyCom equipment to stream Margaret Dugan and Cathy Poplin of the Department of Education; Mark Nichols of IDEAL/ASU, Phillipe Cousteau and Hall Davidson.  After a grand assortment of Tucson Tamales, we enjoyed “Beyond the Stream” done Lindsay Hopkins-style.  What an outstanding presenter!  We had so much fun and loved to see the participants taking breaks to play and explore the DEN and the rest of Discovery.  After the “Stream” administrators finally got their turn to do some of the Digital Storytelling we are always talking about.  Lindsay facilitated their PhotoStory “advertisements” and “virtual visit” creations using images from the day.  What fun!

We do regret we did not getting to rub shoulders with the “Talent” of Discovery en vivo, but  having such a spectacular facility (especially for gadget-lovers) and a more intimate situation, made for great Discovery experience.

Thanks again to everyone.  Excellent job!


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