Discovery Educator Network Science Institute Homework

Homework: Your assignment tonight is to share at least three things that you have learned at the Discovery Educator Network Science Institute by posting a comment to this blog post.

Extra Credit: Share a resource, website, or application that you think other attendees will find useful by posting a link to wiki.


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  1. Kelli Wright said:

    I learned how to really embed the windows media player into a ppt.

    I made a video of my family using

    I learned how to add voice to videos with


  2. Jane Cook said:

    I’ve learned a lot more than 3 things while I’ve been here. Here are 3 of the things that I’ll probably use most frequently learned while at the DEN National Science Institute:
    1) How to use the Admin side of DE (I’m hoping to have access soon so I can practice)
    2) How to upload a teacher and student spreadsheet to create accounts
    3) How to use the Slider tool and the Envelope tools in Audacity
    Brad and crew – Thanks for everything! It’s been a very stimulating two days and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

  3. Barbara Haeffner said:

    Only three things….
    The complete Science lesson activities with Bill McDonald. Bill pulled it all together!
    Cool ways to use Web 2.0 tools (blabberize/animoto) with DE products.
    Creating google earth tour…adding images, embedding code, and the overlays!

  4. Amy Hainline said:

    Three things I learned in this fantastic workshop:

    1. Delicious on line bookmarking.

    2. Reports in My Builder Tools

    3. Log-in screen- there are incredible resources for parents and kids!!!

  5. Elise Jacobson said:

    1. I learned how to create a complete lesson inn Discovery Education! Love it and can’t wait to share with my district.

    2. Embedding images,videos,virtual labs, and assignments will provide a powerful and layered complete lesson.

    3. Incorporation of blogging and other student to student and student to teacher sites will enhance and enrich conversation as well as provide a strong foundation of learning.

    Thank you for this incredibly informative, innovative and enjoyable opportunity!!!!

  6. Howard said:

    Bill McDonald pulling it all together, I learned some additional features in Google Earth and Jannita with some great ppt tips and sharing her resources with us. This has been a great couple of days. Going back and CT we have several Middle School Science sessions scheduled boy are they going to get some good ideas.

  7. Monika King said:

    This has been a wonderful experience. I have learned the following three things: a) how to create a Virtual Field Trip on Google Earth; b) another example to show my teachers on how to integrate technology and hands-on science; c) all the wonderful ways you can create lessons for students in the DE Science.

    One nice resource is ( It lets you find places to go to meet your Web 2.0 needs.

  8. Cathy Harter said:

    1.I learned how to build an assessment from choosing questions to looking at student data from the assessment.
    2. I learned about the sneeze video which I intend to share with others in the district.
    3.I learned that power point can be used in more ways than a slide show- how to embed video and images.

  9. Sandy Morris said:

    I really enjoyed the connections between the hands on inquiries and the virtual sites. The integration with reading, math and science is always the icing on the cake. Many ways to stretch beyond a “regular power point” in adding videos,images, etc.etc. The assessment piece especially the standards developed questions and how that would give our students some practice for our state assessment.

  10. Lori Miller said:

    Thanks for everything, Brad and Janita! The conference was great!
    The three things I learned:
    1. I learned how to add images into google earth
    2. I learned how to upload spreadsheets to create student accounts in the admin site. I would be interested to hear how other districts manage these student accounts this school year. If any districts used student accounts this past year and would be willing to share some feedback with me on how it worked out, please share.
    3. Embedding a YouTube video into Powerpoint. -Thanks for showing this to me, Margie!

  11. Lynn Reedy said:

    1) I needed to see how to extend power point beyond what I have already done and after today I will now be able to show my staff how to create some powerful DE media enriched presentations.
    2) The science assessment manager is a powerful tool to build assessments. The teachers I work with will certainly use this. I love that it is tied to our state standards.
    3) I have additional resources to share with my staff on how to use Google Earth to create media enhanced field trips. Knowing that I need to embed my files in the folder first makes sense. THANK YOU!

    DE consistently provides “top notch” workshops and conferences. I am so fortunate to be here these three days! Thank you for all of your resources!

  12. Margaret Gaudino said:

    I really enjoyed the review of Google Earth since I haven’t used it in a while. Since the county doesn’t allow us to use GE, I’m thinking that perhaps I can apply some of those same tools to Google Maps with similar results.

    Great ideas for making powerpoint more engaging. I am lookinf forward to sharing with the media specialists in the county.
    Web 2.0 tools are always great to learn since they are free!

  13. Kevin Riebau said:

    Thanks Discovery Education for a worthwhile time – hopefully we’ll see some of you in beautiful Denver, Colorado next summer for NECC 2010!

    3 things I learned:

    1) How to create rich, multimedia assignments for students to complete.

    2) That there is much more to DEN than videos to be downloaded. Standards based lesson plans with accompanying virtual labs, e-reader resources, and assessments are rad!

    3) Making multimedia tours on Google Earth is great, especially with adding in embedded files into locations along with video, pictures and text – awesome!

    See y’all in ‘Rado next year!

  14. Joe Fromme said:

    1. Building assessments in DE. – thanks Brad
    2. Seeing the science lessons from start to finish – thanks Bill.
    3. All of the amazing Web 2.0 tools and how easily they can be incorporated into ppt and DE. – Thanks Jannita and Pat
    4. Google Earth and DE – a marriage made in heaven – thanks Lance.

  15. Bobbi Kocher said:

    There are many more than THREE things that I have learned in the past two days! Among the top choices are:
    1. How to bring the numerous technologies together for our students (Love those Web 2.0 tools!)
    2. How to create virtual field trips using Google Earth and DE Science.
    3. A better understanding of both sides (Admin and Teacher) of DE Science.

    The past two days have been truly “amazing”! Enjoyed and absorbed every minute of it! Thanks DE Science Team!

  16. Ann Barney said:

    Three things I learned
    1. Free resources on login page. Great resources for Science Fair projects. this resource is great for teachers, students and Parents
    2. Inserting images Google earth
    3 tricking PP so the video clip does not show a black screen.

  17. Dawn R. Boch said:

    Creating Virtual Tours with Google Earth, adding images and markup code

    Jannita’s PowerPoint overview. Great for teachers who want to add interactivity without having to recreate their lessons in SMART Notebook or Activestudio just yet.

    Creating integrated lessons with Discovery resources.

  18. Barb Wagers said:

    I learned that you can add any of the science ebooks, explorations and virtual labs when making an assignment.

    I liked the comment and reminder Bill McDonald made. The virtual labs and the resources are useful, but it doesn’t replace the hands-on experiments. Teachers need to know that or be reminded.

    I learned that you can download multiple students in admin. for deScience classrooms. That will save a lot of time for teachers.

    Great training!! I love coming to the Discovery HQ. What an exciting place to learn. Thank you all so much. barb

  19. Mary Staten said:

    I learned about the great free resources available on the the Discovery Education Homepage.

    I learned how to do an assignment using My Builder Tools and Assignment Builder.

    I learned how the Virtual Labs and Interactive Video components of Discovery Ed work.

    This is great stuff and so excited to be a part of the learning!! Thank you!!

  20. Diane King said:

    I thought I posted this before I left last night. Must have made yet another error.

    Thanks for everything this week: great science content, excellent sites to use with students, especially gifted/talented students, food, and great hospitality.

    Three things I learned:
    Adding images, videos on Google Earth.

    Blabberize will be fun for the kids, but
    Animoto will be a great way to differeniate assessment for all students, especially the gifted student.

    All the resources, video, images, virtual labs, etc and the time to explore all that Discovery Education has to offer. What a great investment for science education in our District.

  21. Jude Kesl said:

    This was amazing. I really enjoyed learning how to do a non-linear powerpoint.

    In addition collaborating with others to learn ways to help teachers aquire skills and tools to improve instruction.

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