Discovery Educator Network Science Institute

As part of the Discovery Educator Network we want to provide an avenue to share resources within our community of educators.  In order to allow our attendees to share favorite resources and sites I have created a wiki to post your notes, resources and files.  Please join wikispaces to be allowed to post and I will accept your request to share resources.  The wiki site is  For our homework assignment tonight please go here.  We look forward to sharing more tomorrow.


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  1. Gary Webster said:

    Just 3 things? Wow.
    1. More than just video (even thouugh that quite a lot).
    2. Resources available at the log in screen (Media in the Classroom, New Teacher Survival, Puzzlemaker to name a few).
    3. Ability to create lesson plans with all the resources of Discovery (videos, images, activities) and save on the Web for access anywhere. It’s kinda SmartBoard Notebook, Moodle, and TaskStream all in one plus resources.
    4. Video is the future and putting it in the hands of students is very powerful.

  2. Gary Webster said:

    And check out the cool Firefox Add-On for speed reading called REASY to read 800 wpm without moving your eyes.

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