It's not all about videos…

Come discover the wealth of materials available to educators from Discovery Education Streaming including images, editable video segments, music, sounds, lessons, presentations, and much more. Visit a local Teaching, Learning and Technology Center (TLTC) for Discovery Education professional development. Please share registration information with your friends.

Region 1 TLTC Discovery Streaming – LPB Cyberchannel
September 22 (3:45 pm -5:45 pm)
Region 1 TLTC
Metairie, Louisiana
Note: There will be a door prize for participants.
You could be the winner of a webcam or digital camera.

Region 4 TLTC – Discovery Education Streaming
September 14 (4:00 pm -6:00 pm)
Region 4 TLTC
Kaplan, La

Region 7 TLTC Discovery Education Streaming
September 10 (4:30 pm-6:30 pm)
Region 7 TLTC
Minden, LA


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