NASA: "Coolest Video on Earth"

Below is part of an amazing video from NASA that ties nicely with a class study of weather, climate, water cycle, or the atmosphere.  This video relates very well to our Discovery Education Middle School unit Weather and Climate: Climate Change where you find interactives, additional video content, and reading passages to take your student’s knowledge to a new level.  For elementary teachers there is additional related material within Extreme Weather and Climate, which is a part of the Weather and Climate unit.  You can find the full video from NASA here.


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  1. Jenn Brooks said:

    What a great introduction to global warming as well! I teach high school environmental science and some of my students have problems with connecting global climate change to their personal lives. They understand what global warming is but just think it means things get a little warmer. I like that this video shows how warming impacts ice caps which impacts weather patterns which impacts their surroundings. Definitely something to add to my list of resources!

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