Teacher Survival with DE and Twitter

Discovery Education launched a new Twitter account this week called “Teacher Survival” which can be found at http://twitter.com/TeacherSurvival. The bio for this account is as follows: “Get time-saving tips, tech tools and support especially for new teachers. PLUS, win an adventure trip of a lifetime.” Even though the account is aimed toward new teachers, there have already been some tips shared that any teacher can benefit from implementing into his or her classroom. The latest post from “Teacher Survival” is actually more of a shout out and is “Share a tip that you have for new teachers! Tag it with #NewTeacherTip so we can find and share them.” Now anyone who searches for #NewTeacherTip in Twitter will find a number of ideas, tips, and tricks to help in their new life adventure. 

If you are a new teacher, or simply looking to extend your PLN (Professional/Personal Learning Network) Twitter is a great way to do so. Start an account and try a search for a topic such as #NewTeacherTip, or #EdTechIntegration, or any other area with which you would like some support or guidance. From there you will find a number of ideas and people to follow so that you can continue to learn. The best thing is that many of these times if you put in your own bio that you’re a teacher, many times the people you follow will follow you back, thus further extending your PLN.

Twitter is just one of many social networking/micro-blogging tools that can be used to extend your PLN. Another popular tools is Plurk, which has the same basic premise as Twitter but a different interface. If you’re looking for ways to extend your PLN, increase student engagement, and improve student achievement utilizing a tool such as Twitter or Plurk is one really easy way to start along that path.

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