Discovery Education Webinars: 2009-2010

Well, it’s back to school time, and you know what that means…  It’s time to share the 2009-2010 webinar schedule! Nearly 100 webinars have been scheduled already and are ready for your registrations.

Cost?  Free.

The webinar schedule includes several different series.

  • DEN Webinars: Every Tuesday night a member of the DEN team will lead a webinar focusing on media integration, new technologies, maximizing  your usage of DE streaming and a wealth of other topics.
  • Product Demonstrations: Every Friday, learn about all the different Discovery Education products from the people who know them best!  The very people who are responsible for creating these fantastic products will take you on a personal tour and answer individual questions.  Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn about all the other things Discovery Education has to offer… besides videos!
  • Science Class: Strap on  your goggles, because things might just get messy.  Brad Fountain hosts a monthly science class for you and your students.
  • EdTechConnect: Every month, we’ll bring you one of the most notable names from the EdTech community to inspire you and stretch your thinking.  Complete schedule is forthcoming.
  • Special Events: As always, we’ll be hosting our annual Streamathon and two Virtual Conferences.  These full day events are always packed with fantastic sessions, so be sure to add them to your calendar now!

You can register for any or all of our webinars through the end of the year right now!  Just click here to register, and you’ll receive reminders as the events get closer.

Without further ado, here’s the 2009-2010 webinars!


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  1. Susan Lareau said:

    I’d love to do more webinars, but at 1:00 I’m teaching an 7:00 is dinner time. Can you schedule some at 4:00 PM? I’m still at work, and can enjoy learning more about DE.

  2. Cheryl said:

    Are all webinars archived? Trying to find the DE Assessment from Oct 9th.

  3. Jill Gibbs said:

    I agree with Susan. I have participated in several excellent webinars in the past but I am teaching at the 1:00 time and the 7:00 time is often taken due to my children in sports and other family activities. I would love to see more 4:00-5:30 times offered as I think this really targets a large group of teachers and their schedules and protects that family time.

  4. Karen Lossing said:

    Another vote for the 4-5pm range. This would allow teachers to learn together and exchange ideas.

  5. Steve Dembo said:

    Just to explain a bit, for future comments, the reason we do so many of them at 7pm EST is because that happens to be the earliest time that teachers in all US time zones could attend.

    If we do it from 4-5pm EST, then that’s 3-4 for Central and 1-2 on the West Coast. That essentially means 2/3 of the country couldn’t attend. I know it’s far from ideal for some, but that’s why we tend to schedule most of our events during that time slot.

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