Digital Storytelling Week


Suddenly no one is wearing white, so it must be after Labor Day! To much controversy and hoopla, the president has welcomed our students back and encouraged them to work hard. And we are all wondering where the summer went. So just in case you missed our back to school summer webinars that would have warned you school was about to happen again, they are all archived or in the process thereof. If you were especially absent during the first week in August like I was (Disney World with the grandbabies – I have a note!) and missed the best series (no prejudice on my part here), you can catch the Digital Storytelling Week webinars at the top of that archive list.

Let’s start with Lance Rougeux’s take on using MovieMaker and streaming resources since I just recommended that my Wilkes University students take a look at it before turning in their first edited video this week. You can download both a movie file of the presentation as it happened and Lance’s PowerPoint. Some highlights:

  • navigating the new DES website interface
  • copyright
  • replacing the narration with student voices
  • saving the file vs. exporting as a movie
  • exporting in high quality in order to import as a new project and get an extra audio track

Also archived (or about to be): “Thinking Outside the Slide,” PhotoStory, Animoto, and iMovie.


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  1. Elaine Jackson said:

    It is kind of discouraging to wait and wait for a webinar from this summer to be posted. I could not attend Virtual Field Trips and still do not see it on the site ( If I am not looking in the correct place, then PLEASE direct me to the correct one. An organization with this amount of technology capabilities, I can not believe you have not finished posting.

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