Self Reflection or Just Fun

If you have not created a cartoon animation of yourself as an elf, Santa or trekker, then here is your chance. Make a fun avatar for use on your website or send an e-card to a family member. These are fun, but check them out completely before using with students. Some sites contain partial nudity or characters in skimpy outfits.

  1. Yearbook yourself
  2. Create your own Marvel Comic SuperHero
  3. The Hero Factory
  4. Bless This Chick
  5. Spud Yourself
  6. Simpsonize Me
  7. Elf Yourself – not available until November 1st
  8. Terminate yourself – turn your face into “The Terminator”
  9. Madmen Yourself – men and women
  10. 12 sites to cartoon yourself – preview yourself – not sure about some of the images for school
  11. Santa Yourself
  12. Scrooge Yourself – available at holiday time
  13. Many many create yourself and make items site – preview before using with students
  14. Jib-Jab
  15. Animate yourself – preview before using with students
  16. Trek Yourself – make yourself a StarTrek character

Trek Yourself image above is from cayusa on


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