Texas DEN Members, join in Fotowalk 2009!

If you’re a Texas DEN member, you won’t want to miss our very first Fotowalk.  It’s happening on Saturday and looks to be quite an exciting event!

This Saturday, September 12th, four cities will be hosting a photo walk for DEN teachers. Our photo walk will start at 9am at one location in each city and the group will walk together taking photographs of anything and everything following a set route.  Upon the conclusion of the walk, teachers will meet together to share our favorite photos of the day and vote for our favorite 3 photos. Each city will award a Discovery Channel DVD to the three local winners. During the following two weeks, all Texas DEN Teachers will be able to vote on their favorite photo from all of the Saturday winners for one more round of Best Of Awards.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit the Texas blog.


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