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screen-shot-2009-09-11-at-113649-am.pngMichael Hakkarinen took on the iMovie webinar duties on August 6th and diplomatically stuck with iMovie HD6, avoiding the iMovie ’08 and ’09 quagmire. I won’t stick my foot in that (or my mouth) right now except to say that if you have iMovie ’08 in your school/district, update to ’09 ASAP. It’s very cheap. A site license also allows for 50 home licenses. ’09 is what I had hoped ’08 would be (even though it’s a big change in the interface). In any event, Michael’s webinar is archived and available for download. He does a nice job showing how easy it is to find and add Discovery clips to a project, edit them and then do your own voice over. There is easy integration with importing from iTunes and iPhoto and exporting to iDVD. And I have to second his advice about keeping transitions unobtrusive, maybe even just limiting them to major changes in the story. His advice about adding transitions and then audio at the very end in order to not disrupt the timing of the whole project is golden.
There is just a bit of wishful thinking about being able to download HD6 from the Apple site if you only have ’08 or ’09. Apple did offer a free download of HD6 if you only had a copy of iMovie ’08 on your computer. However, when iMovie ’09 was released that download disappeared from the website 🙁
The downloads that Michael references at the beginning of the archive are just updaters if you already have the two previous versions. But he is right in his thinking – iMovie HD6 and iMovie ’09 can be a powerful combination for editing video and creating great learning stories with your students. If you want to move seamlessly between the two programs use the Apple Intermediate Codec to export.


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  1. Nancy Phelps said:

    I have been editing my videos with IMovie ’08 but they don’t turn out so well. After doing some research I was thinking it had to do with the video bitrate I have been using, but your comments about this version of the program have me thinking twice about using it any more. Thanks.

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