Top 10 Reasons to Become a "STAR"

10  Learn about the special “finger.”

9  Watch people perform the “happy dance” as they win prizes at events

 8  Participate in prize winning opportunities during Teacher Appreciation Week

7  Have an opportunity to receive free software during vendor promotions

6  Interact with fabulous educators

5  Take a chance to attend an informative and fun National Institute

4  Learn, share, learn, share, learn, share

3  Obtain and share fantastic lesson plans, ideas, and presentations through Media Share

2  Interact with committed, knowledgeable, and energetic educators

1  Call yourself a STAR knowing you are among a brilliant galaxy of like-minded souls

Becoming a STAR is easy to do!  Check out the “Become a STAR” link on the Discovery Education website.  Watch the video and take the quiz.  Then complete the simple application.  You will then need to hold 2 “events”.  An event is any time you share the power of Discovery with 3 or more colleagues.  Share an integration idea over lunch with your grade-level team.  Demonstrate to your peers how you use a Virtual Lab in DE Science.  The list is endless.  

Let’s commit to doubling the number of Massachusetts DEN STARS!


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