It's a Wrap – Creative Online Projects for PreK – 6th Classrooms


      Macsmom Alcott (Jennifer Wagner – RL) of presented on creative online projects for the PreK-6th classroom.


     Why does Macsmom do projects (and why should you consider doing online projects)?

1.    Creativity – projects breath new life into lessons

2.    Collaboration – let’s face it, we all work better when we work together

3.    Critical Thinking – projects provide venues for students to think beyond what the teacher wants students to think


     Psssssst:  March will be the 50th anniversary of Green Eggs and Ham and JenuineTech has a project lined up for that momentous occasion.


     Mark you calendars!  In December there is a Holiday Gift Exchange project.  Classes will mail holiday cards (yes, SNAIL MAIL in an online project!!!) and classes will incorporate Google Earth. 


     Macsmom is looking for a project to host in February – if you have a thought, please contact her via her website.


     A current ‘Top Ten Hits’ project is the ‘Guess the Wordle’ project – as of November 16th, there have been 12,000 visitors!

    Monday – Level 1 (all words have 1 thing in common)

    Tuesday – Famous Date in History

    Wednesday – Level 2 (all words have 2 things in common)

    Thursday – Titles of books, poems, or songs

    Friday – Level 3 (all words have 3 things in common)


     Even though this project has already begun, you’ll be happy to hear that it has been extended to the end of September — Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Compare & contrast of book & trailer for movie; weather project; and tall tales – choice or combos.  So head over to the website and join!  There’s still time!


     The O.R.E.O. Project has over 800 classrooms registered already.  The students in your class has two chances to stack Oreos as high as they can.  This project incorporates counting, estimating, tallying and averaging in a fun & delicious way.  If you want to start exploring online projects, this is a VERY doable project. 






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