Speak Up (Webinar) Tonight!

Absolutely no one could argue that Discovery Education provides a lot of great webinars through the DEN, but our partners also do some amazing work.  I know this post is cutting it close (better late than never) but we encourage everyone to tune into a special webinar this Wednesday with Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, about Digital Content and the findings from the annual Speak Up surveys.

September 16, 2009 at 12:00 PM PDT (3:00 PM EDT)

Online.  Click here to register.

Hear about authentic views from the first-ever national study of students, teachers and parents on the emerging use of digital content in classrooms. You will also learn what students and parents would deem the “ultimate online textbook” if they created it.

Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, the nation’s leading education nonprofit organization that facilitates the annual Speak Up surveys, will present the data findings and moderate a panel discussion with students, teachers and administrators from various school districts.

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