iPod Nano Camcorder

jbandgkids0109.jpgWhen I retired from teaching 3 years ago I thought I’d have plenty of time to spend with my grandchildren, keep up with educational technology, and get serious about playing the banjo and guitar. So, one out of three ain’t bad, right? .333 would just about make me an all-star in baseball. And the grandbabies and I are enjoying life.

ipodcamcorder.pngJust when I thought I had a handle on flash memory camcorders, my good friends at Apple give the Nano a video camera. After a week of mulling it over, I finally went over to the Apple store to try one out. Kid stuff, just as I expected! And the “kid” at the door at the Apple store knew she didn’t even have to accompany me over the the row of sample models, “They’re over there, help yourself, sir.” The only problem I had was keeping my big fingers out of the way of the lense on the tiny device. Menu to video record, center button shoot, center button stop recording, Menu to play video. Importing is just as easy.  Now, do I think this is a viable device for schools to invest in? No. If you’re getting iPods, get Touches – they are flexible Internet devices and interesting mini-computers. If you’re getting flash camcorders, I still like the Flips and Kodak’s Zi series (presently working on Kodak to send me an evaluation Zi8 model). BUT, PC or Mac school though you be,  you’d better be ready for a flood of students who will be bringing their own video equipped iPods to school in the near future.
Now, where did I put my finger picks and that Peter, Paul & Mary book?
P.S. R.I.P. Mary, sure loved your singing, energy, long hair flying, and wry humor. I will be sharing many of your songs with my grandchildren as the years go on.



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    Ha-ha your post made me giggle, well it’s so true when you get used to a new piece of technology then another one comes onto the market. They have just released a new apple iPod 6th generation. Good post anyway Joe Brennan johnny London, UK

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