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Wikis can be used for many things by different people. Even with the limited editing tools, there is enough available to create some online content for any purpose. There is a blog post on the site that offers 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom.
When you are finished reading this article, visit this site to compare over 25 different types of wiki programs.

Want some more suggestions? Try these:

  1. 38 Ways to use Wordle
  2. 17 Ways to use VoiceThread
  3. 23 Ways to use Nintendo DS in the classroom
  4. 40 Ways to use Pocket Video
  5. 21 Ways to use GoogleDocs
  6. 24 Ways to use GoogleEarth
  7. 42 Ways to use your IWB in your classroom
  8. 34 Interesting ways to use Search Engines in the classroom
  9. 25 Interesting ways to use Twitter in the classroom

Using search engines in your classroom
Best Places to learn Web2.0 tools.

Many of the above lists were created by Tom Barrett.


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