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“In a move that could help extend students’ learning after school hours, the state of Indiana, Comcast Corp., and Discovery Education have teamed up to provide students with free on-demand digital resources that are aligned with state standards.

Discovery Education On Demand By Comcast is a first-in-the-nation service that will give Indiana families instant, at-home access to educational video clips, hands-on activities, interactive content, subject guides, puzzles, and homework help tools. Content is available at no additional cost to local Comcast Digital Cable customers on their cable TV service and to all Indiana parents and students online.

Comcast Digital Cable customers in Comcast’s Indianapolis region, which includes Central and Northeast Indiana, can access Discovery Education On Demand By Comcast content through Comcast’s on-demand cable library by selecting “Get Local,” then “Education.” The content is available to Comcast Digital Cable customers at no extra cost, with the ability to pause, fast forward, and rewind selections.

Discovery Education and Comcast say they’ll soon begin a series of professional development events for educators throughout Indiana, designed to help them learn how to integrate digital media into their classroom activities.”

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