Greetings Blogosphere!

One of the things I do as your friendly assessment nerd is train teachers on using the information from Discovery Education Assessment’s reports to improve instruction. I usually start by telling them places to get support and ways to join the community of folks who use Discovery Education. Well, a crew of fabulous technology coordinators in Collinsville. IL asked that I post links. So, FYI:

When you log on to Discovery Education, look on the right side of the screen for “My Services.”  Make sure you see Discovery Educator Network (DEN):

If you do not, go to

From now on, when you log in, you’ll have a quick link to the DEN!

Now, here are some other places we discuss:

So, there’s some things to keep you busy for a while! Connect with us and let’s get to sharing 🙂

Your Friendly Assessment Nerd, Porter