Google Maps Tells About Banned Books? Google Earth Curriculum Connections!

One educator I follow on Twitter is Riptide Furse. (Okay, his real name is Fred Delventhal, but we know him as Riptide via his Second Life associations.) Riptide shares a lot of great stuff on Twitter. But for the annual Banned Books Week, he shared a Google Map. Interesting!

Google Map on Banned Books in America

Banned Books on Google EarthIt’s not that I’m a banned book fan, but I spent time with this map. Did you know that Round Rock, TX has banned a book from it’s libraries? That Huckleberry Finn was banned by North Richland Hills in 2007?

This map is a great visual depiction of collected data and there is room for explanations to be given for each map pin. This map was well done, but it isn’t a difficult thing to do. Middle school and high school students should have no problem gathering data, creating an informative map, and publishing it online.

Over a year ago, I started sharing a Google Map made by a Discovery Educator about the travels of Laura Ingles Wilder. (Always thought it’d be cool to have one for Gene Wilder or even the character Joan Wilder from Romancing the Stone.) It’s a nice resource, but it never got much traction with my teachers. So, what are other strong curriculum connections to mapping data could one have in Literature, Math, Science, etc? What sites do you frequent online that list some other Google Maps?

Tom Barrett is an educator in Nottingham, England. (..and yes, I read his Tweets with a terrible English accent.) He had a five-part blog called,  Google Earth is Our Paper , and used it to show how his students used Google Earth (Maps) for digital storytelling.

Google UK Schools has a great set of lesson plans for using Google Earth in primary schools. It’s a wonderful curricular cross-cut of real lessons we already do and some how to’s for integrating the technology into them.

I didn’t want to hand someone a list of 400 lessons and say, “Look in here for something you like”, but not only has lessons, but tutorials for the self-teacher who wants to learn more about using Google Earth.

Please comment below about other lesson connections you would use. Map the birthplace of the top 10 rappers from the 90’s? Show the locations that Cameron Diaz filmed for her MTV travel show “Trippin” this year? Share your ideas!

Thanks for the nudge this morning Rip!


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