Web 2.0 Primer and lots more

Wordle Web 2.0

Recently, I was sharing one of my favorite web 2.0 resources, Wordle, with a group of teachers in the New Teacher Induction Class.  A participant asked if I had made up the term web 2.0.  Since the term is not new to me, it took me aback for a moment.  It is important to realize that not all teachers … even those who have recently graduated are familiar with the vast array of wonderful resources currently available.  The collaboration between CDW-G and Discovery Education has come to the rescue.  They have developed awesome free resources for educators.  I found the Web 2.0 Teacher Guide to be a terrific resource that outlines all the basic terminology such as avatars, blogs, wikis and so much more.

The CDW-G and Discovery Education collaboration shows many ways to use Web 2.0 in your classrooms. The program features lesson plans, activities, links and more to help you conquer technophobia and learn all about Web 2.0  There is a collection of powerful videos featuring Discovery’s Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo.  They are perfect for staff development workshops!

Check out the website and share it with your colleagues.



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