Albertville Takes the Cake!


DEN Cake

 A sweet two days in Albertville, AL.  Albertville City Schools was kind enough to host an afternoon workshop and the Stream-A-Thon.  Educators from the region joined DEN Leadership Council member Carolyn Rains and I for back-to-back days of professional development and networking.   Attendees were given an overview of the all new Back-to-School features added to DE streaming, in addition to examples of ways to utilize digital media in the classroom.

We joined the Stream-A-Thon just in time to catch Lance Rougeux’s “A Day in the Life” session.  After the virtual sesion, we shared teacher contributed examples and of course had time for a little networking.

The cake above, thank you to Carolyn Rains, was as with anything that has the DEN logo, delicious!


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  1. Sebastien's said:

    Thanks Carolyn for allowing Sebastien’s the opportunity to do this cake. We loved it! If you ever need anything in the future, feel free to give us a call!

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