Save the Date – October 7th

Ooooooooh, this is exciting!  We’re taking a ‘field trip’ (hmmmmm….wonder if that’s what one calls it in Second Life?).  This Wednesday we will be visiting Shamblesguru Voom as he presents on ‘Networking, Data Mining, Surival Skill…and Other Ramblings’ (Subtitled:  ‘Personal Learning Networks and Second Life’).  Actually, let me rephrase that — according to Shamblesguru, this won’t be so much a presentation as a ‘sharing’.  Witht he thread of how, as educators, we can more easily survive the shear volume of data and also the numbers of new 2.0 websites that are appearing every day.  Let’s share how we can keep up-to-date, while stilling maintaining our day job.

If you plan on attending (and I’m really hoping that you will, since this will be a two-fold opportunity for you — the opportunity to join us at a Wednesday Event, AND….the opportunity to visit another sim and see the incredible learning Shamblesguru has created on his sim – International School Island), know that you have some homework.  It’s really quite painless — you’ll need to view this VERY SHORT (5 minutes) screencast here.


Curious about Shambleguru Voom?  Check out his bio.

So please, come join us Wednesday evening.  You can either meet us at DEN in SL HQ and we’ll provide you with a landmark, or you can go directly to the International Schools Island, Mountain Top 2 here. (SLurl:
As always, we’ll be meeting at 5 p.m. SLT (7 p.m. CST, 8 p.m. EST)


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