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Over the years, we’ve come to associate a wealth of resources with Discovery Education. Does anyone provide professional development, interdisciplinary resources, innovation in educational firsts, webinars, EdTechConnect series, special events (and I know I am missing something here) better than Discovery. Purely rhetorical, because we all know the answer.

Sometimes there is more information that I can keep up with. But today is catch up day, with blogging and all things DEN, so here’s a cross-post from our National Blog about all things DEN that you can follow on Twitter.

* DEN – The official Twitter account for the DEN.
* DE3mysc -Twitter account for the DE 3M Young Scientist Challenge. All sorts of science oriented tweets coming from here.
* TeacherSurvival – The New Teacher Survival Center has just begun to tweet! To kick things off, they started a #NewTeacherTip meme. Share your favorite tips for new teachers and include that hashtag.
* Leadership Councils – The New York, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Texas and Second Life LCs are all tweeting!
* DEN Team – You’ll find Lance Rougeux, Hall Davidson, Steve Dembo, Matt Monjan, Jennifer Dorman, Brad Fountain, Mike Bryant, Jannita Demian, Scott Kinney all tweeting away! Oh, and we can’t forget Porter Palmer, author of the DE Assessment blog.

We are guessing that just scratches the surface. If you know of anything we’ve missed, or you would like to add your Twitter information to the list, please add a comment to the DEN blog post.

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