Getting YouTube to your students

Hi Everyone,

If you are like me and work in a school system that blocks YouTube ( for good reason) I have a way you can download the video and then import it into your Notebook file or PowerPoint presentation.  Here’s how:

Go to YouTube and find the video you want. (be sure it’s appropriate for the kids)

In the URL box remove “www.” ( remember to include the dot)

Replace with “kick”  ( no dot, no parenthesis)

Hit enter.

You will see buttons for all kinds of formats. The default format is MP4. NOW HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART, don’t click the “download” button.  On the  right side of the window there is a green “go” button. Click that, it will turn blue.

Then download the same way you would do any other file( right click, or control click).  The rest is the same for inserting or importing a picture (in this case video) to your program.

There are some great videos our there, well not as many as Discovery, that you can pump up your presentation or Notebook file with.

Good Luck!


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  1. Bryan Freeman said:

    Thanks Jackie for your post.

    You might want to add that they should convert to a MP3 format before they try to insert the video. Powerpoint and Windows Movie Maker can not handle MP4 files.

    Have a Nice day!!

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