Animoto in Education

One of the more recent features of Animoto’s full-length video version (what you and your students get when you apply) is short video footage insertion. I tried this new feature and it works best when you select half-time for your video, another reason why you want Animoto in Education. It gives you speed features you do not have access to in the 30-second version. Their toolbox is new as well, making it much easier to share your work.

So, if you happened to hear that Animoto in Education no longer exists, consider the rumor squelched, and get busy applying for your free student accounts.  The code creates a 6-month renewable-for-free account.

If you check out the Case Studies, you will find our very own JPeg (Jim Hopton & Peggy Barger) Animoto example, as well as a Discovery Education Science Podcast posted as exemplars of academic work.

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